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Get your Greens on!

Are you finding it hard to get your greens in? You have been eating green smoothies all summer, it’s cold outside and a good hearty salad just doesn’t fit the bill, and cooked greens is not your favorite texture. In the colder months it is challenging for most to be motivated in getting your good dose of vegetables in. One thing that I do is reach for the organic dried greens. You can find them in most natural grocery stores. I look for a brand that has multiple greens such as spirulina, wheatgrass, oat grass, and barely grass, even some fruits and probiotics are great too. I mix it with water, juice or even mix it into a protein shake. Greens in this form are easier to the digestive system as it is no longer “cold damp” and you still get your phytonutrients through raw, alkalizing greens. This makes it easier for absorption and gaining energy back quickly in the doldrums of winter, giving your immune system a huge boost especially while we indulge on holiday treats! Most stores have sample packs or sticks so you don't have to commit to a whole jar. Try it for one week and see how your feel!

Recommended brands;, Greens+ Organics (both light in flavor and even have berry flavor to make them more palatable)


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