Ultimate Reset Packages

Experience quicker shifts by combining therapies

Back to Back Session

Receive a Colon Hydrotherapy session followed directly by a Bowen Therapy session. The results leave you feeling refreshed and super relaxed. Are you ready to pamper yourself?


2 hour session/ $160

Ultimate Month of Changes

Need a big change? 

We can get stressed out, tired, scattered, physically don't feel well and then we wait even longer till our "check engine" light is on. When that happens it's time to reset everything. Our Ultimate Month of Change is 4 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions, scheduled once a week, as well as 4 Bowen Therapy sessions, scheduled once a week. Along with these therapies we create a program of eating and supplements to support you back to Thriving and not just Surviving! This is a great program for those who are committed to finally seeing a big lasting change, quickly. We set you up for success moving forward and create a maintenance plan. This way you always move forward. 

8 sessions total $599

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