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Let Us Help You With Your New Year’s Resolutions For Your Well-being 

Have New Year’s resolutions? Spinning Tree Healing is here to help you with your health and well-being. If your resolutions include: 

  • practicing healthier eating habits 
  • learning how to effectively destress 
  • practicing active recovery after intense exercise, etc. 

our healing therapies Bowen Therapy, Rain Drop Technique, Colon Hydrotherapy, and Ultimate Reset can certainly help. Call us at 970.270.6754 to schedule an appointment. 

The Connection Between A Tight Neck and Tight Hamstrings 

The human head is around 10-12 pounds, and when we look downwards at an angle, that puts as much as 60 pounds of force upon our necks, specifically our cervical spine–ouch! Our neck was never meant to handle so much constant force. 

So what does having a tight neck have to do with tight hamstrings? 

Instability and Compensation 

Muscle instability in the body results in compensation. This means that another part of the body takes over the weak or compromised muscle or muscles. Everything in the body is interconnected, so when one aspect is compromised, another part of the body is affected. Think of the body as a chain. 

Research shows a connection between a weak neck and tight hamstrings. In other words, the lack of stability in the neck causes a reflex compensation in the hamstrings. The brain perceives neck weakness as a threat to the nervous system and sends signals to the hamstrings to take over the neck’s functions. 

Simple Touch Test 

Keep your legs straight and together as you try to touch your toes, without bending your knees. If your neck muscles are inhibited, the brain automatically signals that your hamstrings stiffen, so you won’t fall over. 

How To Strengthen Your Neck 

It’s possible to strengthen your neck, just like any other muscle in your body: 

  • Gently stretch: never pull or force it 
  • Practice good posture: keep your shoulders back and look directly ahead 
  • Stand whenever possible: standing is far better than sitting (where you’re more likely to slouch and stress your neck). 
  • Lessen screen time: look up from your phone and give your neck some rest 

How Bowen Therapy Can Help 

Tech neck affects so many of us. If your neck and shoulders are stiff and achy, Bowen Therapy can help. The gentle yet targeted movements of Bowen can be focused on the suboccipital muscles, or several small muscles at the top of the neck/ base of the skull. Many report feeling both physically and mentally relaxed after one session, with repeated 

sessions helping to further reduce pain and stress. Call us at 970.270.6754 for an appointment.