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Experience Quicker Shifts By Combining Therapies

Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset

Stress is a word we all know now days. After working hard and putting your all into every area of your life you must feel drained. And most of us are running on a battery that never gets fully recharged.

When you combine a Colonic with a Bowen session, you get back to full power faster! 

Sleeping better to wake up more refreshed, digest your food better and optimally function throughout your days being able to respond to stress and not just react to stress.

Schedule your Ultimate Reset session today to get the Ultimate reset! You will never feel more relaxed and refreshed. 


(2 hour session)

*Because of the length of this appointment you may need to call or text to get help with scheduling

*** Please note there is a 34 hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to make your appointment, you may contact us 24 hours before your appointment to avoid a fee of $50. We understand that life happens, however there are other clients that may need your appointment time. Thank you for understanding.***