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Do you have the guts??

Ready or not, flu season is among us. There is no hiding from it. It exists all around us, all the time, in all places. You got your flu shot. But, you are not completely safe. You take your vitamins and even may be doing extra vitamin C. Question is; Do you even know where your biggest storage of your immune system is?

It’s in your gut! 80% to be exact. Strange that we are never really taught that. Knowing where the hub is and then learning how to strengthen it makes the difference. If your gut eco system depends on living organisms to run the show, stands to be that with all the holiday fun foods we eat, it could use some serious support.

Why, you ask? You see, your body is designed by nature to work best with nature. Kind of like those puzzles you played with when you were a child. Round peg goes into round hole, and triangle fits into triangular hole. Easy enough, yet we keep placing foods that have been so processed or manmade that there are no fitting spaces that match. This doesn’t allow you to absorb nutrients properly or even at all. Same goes for those who don’t believe in drinking any water. Guess what? Your body is mostly made up of water! Take that out of the equation and your will have health problems. With low nutritious foods and little water intake, this leaves for a beautiful breeding ground of bad bacteria, fungus and more. And what do they love to feed on? All that sugar and processed nonfood that you are consuming.

Cleaning up your act during the holidays is easier said than done. Getting the right support and cutting back on the portions of those comfort foods and treats can make all the difference. Not mentioning a few healthier meals more often than not.

So what does support look like for that little eco system?

The right team of probiotics and electrolytes. Rebuilding the eco system with more “cops” than “robbers”, and adding electrolytes to make hydration most efficient boosts that delicate immune system. I have designed a Gut Health Recovery Kit that has shown fast and relieving results to most of my clients over the years. With the combination of the specially chosen products, your physical and emotional health is closer than you think. No more bloating, irritability, irregularity or constants colds all the time. Bring on the energy, glowing skin and optimistic mood again! No more doldrums of winter, go out and live it!

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