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Therapy Aftercare for Post Medical Treatments


We’ve talked plenty about Bowen Therapy and Acupuncture in other newsletters, in what these treatments are and how they can benefit you. But in this month’s Spinning Tree Healing newsletter we’re going to focus on the aftercare of receiving these treatments. As with other body treatments, there are certain do’s and don’ts. Just as the actual therapies are beneficial, practicing proper aftercare further optimizes treatment benefits and results. To learn more about our services, visit our website and schedule an appointment with us.

The Importance of Aftercare
Aftercare is care and treatment after a patient undergoes medical treatment. For example, after undergoing a surgery your doctor will discuss aftercare steps with you. These points are to encourage proper healing and recovery time. The same applies to Bowen Therapy and acupuncture, in that you are receiving body therapy, and aftercare steps will continue to encourage healing and minimize pain, toxins, and inflammation.

Bowen Therapy Aftercare
You’ve just experienced a Bowen session. Whether your first ever Bowen session or one of many, here are important aftercare steps to observe:

The rolling, targeted manipulation of the tissues releases trapped toxins. To further aid in flushing out these toxins, drink plenty of water after your Bowen appointment. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these disrupt the healing your body is experiencing from Bowen.

Avoid Heat and Cold
Bowen triggers the healing state in the body. To optimize this state, avoid hot showers or using an ice pack. Feeling stiff or sore after a Bowen session is normal. For pain relief, use Arnica gel or pain reliever.

Stay Active
Bowen increases blood flow, as the body begins the process of healing and removing toxins. Therefore, do not sit for more than a half hour. Take short walks around the house or around the block to keep moving.

Avoid Strenuous Exercise
While moving is beneficial, avoid strenuous exercise, such as running.

Be Aware of Your Body’s Response
Stay tuned in to how you feel post treatment, physically and emotionally. Responses to Bowen Therapy include thirst, tiredness, soreness, mood changes, etc. All of these are normal and indicate that your body is undergoing healing. Also pay attention to areas of chronic pain or stiffness, and note if you feel any changes or relief. Knowing how your body responds to Bowen can help us focus on what, where, and how to treat in your next session with us.

Acupuncture Aftercare
As with Bowen Therapy, acupuncture switches the body into “rest and digest,” mode, or the healing state. Here are aftercare steps to observe:

Drink Water
Just as with Bowen Therapy, after an acupuncture session drink plenty of water to flush out toxins. Avoid coffee and alcohol, as these can dehydrate you and disrupt the detoxification process.

Take it easy after your session, and the next day if you need it. Avoid strenuous exercise. For movement, go for a walk instead.

Use Heat
Soreness is normal after acupuncture. For relief, you can apply heat.

Take Note of How You Feel
Be aware of how your body feels not only during treatment, but afterwards as well. Do you feel immediate relief from chronic pain or tension? Where? Do you feel relaxed post treatment, or emotional (which is normal)? Noting physical and emotional responses to acupuncture can help us fine tune the next acupuncture session with us.

Healing Continues Post Treatment
The important take away here? Healing shouldn’t just occur only during a treatment session. Rather, healing continues even after a Bowen Therapy or acupuncture session. Following the proper aftercare steps ensures that the healing and detoxication process continues, fulling optimizing the therapy you received. Ready to feel better? For Bowen Therapy appointments, visit our website or call us at 970-270-6754. For acupuncture appointments, visit


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Elevating Your Health
To have the best health possible, your body needs regular de-stressing. You may have come in for Bowen before or heard about it from me at some point. I recommend to all of my clients that they keep coming in at least once per month for Bowen therapy. It takes a certain amount of work to get the ball rolling with your health, then regular upkeep to keep you in the best place possible. Your health and relaxation is worth it!

You can schedule your monthly Bowen session on our website here, or you can call us at 970-270-6754.

Thank you again so much for being part of the Spinning Tree Healing family. I can’t wait to get in touch with you again soon. Enjoy the rest of your week!