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Health is Wealth!

In the business world, we tend to take very good care of our tools. Hairdressers sharpen scissors and wipe the mirror; mechanics maintain their tools & sweep the shop floor; the IT department updates the computers and checks for viruses. However, we tend to neglect the body that holds the experience. When it comes to health, we tend to believe we are healthy when we are not sick or injured. The fact is, however, that health is a state of being, not an absence of illness. Maintaining your “engine” before it breaks down is a lot easier on your body than waiting for the engine light. What if you felt good all the time and didn’t have to take sick days? You could enjoy more vacations and fun time! No down time from surgery because you put off that pain that you thought Aspirin and ‘walking it off’ would take care of. Instead, doesn’t it make sense to be proactive?

An option would be to start with one appointment for yourself each month. Whether it be a body work, art workshop, healthy cooking class or social gathering with friends, these can all be considered therapy. For myself, since I am giving therapy daily, and multiple times a day, I make sure that I receive therapy a minimum of twice a month. During busier times, I schedule in more things to take care of myself and prevent a breakdown of what makes my therapies work – my body. What helps me stick with it is scheduling it out in advance. This way nothing else gets scheduled and I don’t forget. Taking walks in nature and getting out and away; eating healthy food that makes my body feel good; being proactive and resting at the first sign of sickness or pain.

Choosing to listen to our bodies gives us clear keys of what to do. Unfortunately we have trained ourselves to ignore the hints and mute them out with prescription drugs and substances.

Take the challenge and start being preventative today.