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Long Lasting Health Goals

Everyone is focusing on the New Year: New Year, new you! That is important, however we don’t want to forget that your “new you” doesn’t have to happen overnight. Often we find ourselves expecting instant gratification of weight loss, fitness goals, organization skills or financial windfall. As much fun as that could be, it is often not reality. It takes time to achieve our goals. Slow and steady does win the race. Taking small bites, one at a time will accomplish your journey and make it longer lasting. Gifting every one of my clients a million bucks is not at my disposal. However, assisting you in meeting your health and wellbeing goals is my strong suit. A consultation is a great place to begin. I start with listening to your needs, health history and goals you have in mind. Then together we find achievable steps and therapies to reaching your target. Finding balance from head to toe will get you to feeling great and keep you there. Just understanding what your body needs is the beginning, check out all that we offer at Spinning Tree Healing to get you to the “new you” and keep you there!