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Living in the NOW!

No one wants to watch their life pass them by. But with everything in our lives moving at a mile a minute, especially during the holidays, it is more than a little difficult to focus on what is happening in the here and now. The benefits of living in the moment are vast! First being able to focus will help you get more done. Who doesn’t want that? Second it will reduce stress. Yup, less stress!! Being present will help you worry less. And third, improve your relationships. When you are able to live in the moment you are better able to bond with those around you. This includes using your phone or tablet and ingnoring those around you. You do not have to filter your life through the camera on your phone. Being mindful of when to use your electronics, creating healthy boundaries around meals and social time with family showing the value you have in those around you. I know that being present is not easy, but with practice you will be enjoy the benefits and find that looking up and being a part of life is a lot better than reading about it.