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Post Colonoscopy Care

We all know too well about the dreaded screening. Weather you have had it or someone you know has, it’s no secret that it is nothing to look forward to. The preparation alone is challenging enough to make you second guess signing up. Leaving you with side effects that keep you running to the loo for the better part of a day. Enduring the unpleasant intestinal purging is necessary, and even though there are new natural and gentle ways to prepare for your screening, the eco system of your gut is disturbed. One thing rarely discussed is the after care. When we purge the colon we remove everything. This includes the two most critical elements of probiotics and electrolytes. Clients often complain of irregularity and discomfort for up to over a year after a colonoscopy. One of the main reasons is not restructuring the microbiome while you have a clean slate. Making sure to take a high, multi-strand probiotic to boost your levels is very important during post procedure. This will support regularity, absorption and even your immune system. The other is lack of coming back on to your regular foods slowly. The colon tissues are sensitive, and with the scoping and prep, this can cause inflammation and irritation of the lining. Drinking calming teas with chamomile and marshmallow root will help decrease inflammation and sooth your gut. Consuming soft foods such as bananas and bone broths, will help nourish you and gently ease you back onto denser foods. Re-hydrating is also super critical as you have just drained your system and need to replenish it. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of plain water every day. Do your best to take care of yourself during this process. Your energy will be lower and your body needs some time to heal. Take this time as a reset and shift your diet to a cleaner more nutritious one. Full of good vegetables and fruits and less processed foods. Your body will respond with health.