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Author: sarah

Seasonal Eating

Seasonal Eating Perhaps you have heard of it and maybe you have not. Seasonal eating is not common in our American lifestyles, due to the convenience the global transportation of produce. Put simply, seasonal eating brings...

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That Gut Feeling

That Gut Feeling Do you ever wonder how some people seem to have energy in spades; glowing skin; they’re motivated and successful; they’re thin and svelte, and they seem to really enjoy their lives? There are reasons for that, but it’s...

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Probiotics = Good Gut Health

Love Bugs Probiotics, the new fad for health. We hear about them all the time. TV commercials, ads in magazines, books on the shelf and the foods they are in. But, why do we really need them and what’s the sudden interest?...

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Post Colonoscopy Care

Post Colonoscopy Care We all know too well about the dreaded screening. Weather you have had it or someone you know has, it’s no secret that it is nothing to look forward to. The preparation alone is challenging enough to...

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Unplug to Recharge

Unplug to Recharge We are so overwhelmed. We have deadlines, family, work, chores, errands, and somewhere in there you have to squeeze fun in. Where do we find space for health? That’s right. Most of us are not even thinking...

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A Burning Realization

A Burning Realization   You may not think about your stomach acid very often, but it’s one of the most critical components of your digestive system. If you have too much or too little, your digestion will be nearly impossible....

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Do you have the guts

Do you have the guts?? Ready or not, flu season is among us. There is no hiding from it. It exists all around us, all the time, in all places. You got your flu shot. But, you are not completely safe. You take your vitamins...

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Healing For Athletes

Healing for Athletes   At Spinning Tree Healing, we are proud to provide all natural, drug-free therapies to promote your well-being. We help individuals of all backgrounds and ages to help shift the body into a state of...

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